Daily fresh made juices or smoothies/green smoothies, tea, coffee, milk, homemade muesli, porridge, self made yogurt (raib), fresh fruits; self baked whole grain bread, fresh made marmalade, organic butter, Msmen (moroccan treat), Amlou (must try - nut spread), local honey, Dates & Almonds, grilled vegetables, variety of homemade pesto, hummus, couscous with nuts and honey...

We serve daily different food and choose from a big variation between healthy, hearty and sweet treats



Fresh tea, Dates & Nuts, Energy balls, banana breads


We do serve every evening a starter and a main course and on some days a nice light and delightful dessert.

Some inspiration how the evening dinner could look like:

  • Vegetarian Tajine with lentil soup (moroccan style) * option for Fish Tajine

  • Chilli con Veggie served with basmati rice and a great Ice Kraut-beetroot salad (moroccan style)

  • Indian Curry with lemon, yogurt-mint cream and fresh baked bread served with a mixed salad (this food will activate all your senses by tasting sweet/sour/spicy food)

  • Oven baked falafel in a salad wrap with cashew creme and hot salsa sauce served with an amazing courgette salad and a vegetable soup (classic oriental recipe)

  • Whole grain Couscous with vegetables and a delicious soup (moroccan style)

  • Raw Italian lasagne with cauliflower tabouleh and lentil soup (classic european kitchen)

  • Couscous filled Bell Peppers with glazed carrots and Mango Walnut salad (morocco meats Europe)

  • Caponata with oven baked potatoes and a mixed salad (Italian a la "mamma" style)

  • Beetroot and goat cheese towers served with a lovely salad and roasted chickpea tomato soup (classic european kitchen)

  • Sunday BBQ with grilled vegetables/ mixed salads/ vegetarian burger/ dips


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