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The Rooms

6 beautiful ensuite bedrooms with King size beds

On the ground floor, the arches all around the patio hide three bedrooms.


You need to go up the stairs from the patio to the first floor to find four other bedrooms and a large terrace. There you discover an art gallery atmosphere, a colourful, tasteful decoration with a colonial touch composed of paintings and Moroccan traditional artefacts.

The bedrooms are richly furnished around the patio which is planted with orange trees.

** All prices include Yoga, rooms, food, airport transfer from Essaouira Airport**


As a reference to this poetess from the antiquity, straight out of the imagination of Pierre Louys, who undressed to climb up a tree… the Argan tree.

We find this ochre/red brightness on the tadelakt walls, the same as on the ramparts of Essaouira, in this colourful double room with a bathroom decorated with Moroccan patterns inspired by the hippie-chic trend.

A literary choice has been made for Bilitis, with its bookcase, full from top to bottom of a collection of various 1,500 books, essentially novels with some kind of oddness… to taste luxurious bohemian life.

Single occupancy: £691

Double occupancy: £502

Monsieur Le Consul

With its formal look, this bedroom has been named after Auguste Beaumier, French Consul in Mogador. This double room is located on the ground floor, directed towards an oasis of vegetation, and coloured with soil red, thus conveying a muffled atmosphere.

Oriental furniture brought back from travels: a Syrian inlaid desk, Turkish kilims, a ceramic vase from Samarkand, and other popular Moroccan artefacts, with a cosmopolitan spirit. 

Single occupancy: £691

Double occupancy: £502


As a reference to the genuine love affair glorified by Michelangelo Antonioni.

This all-yellow bedroom, bathing in the sunlight, is full of Essaouira’s influence. This room looks like an alcove, and to reach it, you need to take the stairs up to the first floor. It offers a view onto the forest of argan trees.

You will be surprised to discover a decoration made of paintings by Essaouira’s artists with sparkling tones, mixed with a touch of design from the 1970s.

Single occupancy: £691

Double occupancy: £502


As a reference to the baroque painting of Gentileschi and to the Artemisia that is scattered over the dunes of Mogador. This double room is charming, with its celadon walls. Located on the ground floor, at the end of the row of arches, this room will arouse the curiosity of art lovers.

Single occupancy: £691

Double occupancy: £502


“May your nights be more beautiful than your days…”

As a reference to Baghdad, this ochre, double room located on the ground floor, opens to the patio and radiates a definitely Oriental atmosphere.

The decoration is an explosive mixture of vivid colours and primitive, rough wooden statues.

Canvasses of artists from Essaouira are hung on the walls.

Its reading room contains a whole universe of literary works and poems.

Single occupancy: £691

Double occupancy: £502


One of the bedrooms upstairs, painted with yellow and cocoa colours. It is named after Timbuktoo, as a recall of the maritime past of Mogador harbour with sub-Saharan Africa.

This double room, decorated with ethnic, geometric patterns, looks onto the terrace/solarium if you want to have your feet up, lying on the deckchairs or the sofas.

At the crossroads of arts, this room is dedicated to local paintings by creators of pointillist, naïve, indeed primitive works, next to African statues, and modern furniture, thus reflecting the diversity of Essaouira’s culture.

Single occupancy: £691

Double occupancy: £502

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