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"I have been to many yoga classes around London and Lucile's class is by far my favourite. She takes yoga very seriously but is also warm, friendly and mostly therapeutic. Music can play an important part in yoga and Lucile's playlist always creates the right mood and level of motivation."


"What a wonderful start to every day in Paradise! Follow your path - you are an amazing teacher!

Nano & Clemence

"I really enjoyed (very) Lucile's classes for the whole month I was in Ayampe and even I did way better afterwards. I know it needed patience ":)


“Yoga Compass sessions helped me improve my physical strength as well as my balance and flexibility. ”


"What an amazing experience you gave us. You made our stay that little bit more special. Keep up your beautiful smile and fantastic energy. Good luck with your travels."

Veronica & Gilbert

"Fantastic yoga class, very well taught and great atmosphere. "


"I practiced yoga with Lucile for 2 weeks in Ayampe, Ecuador. The classes are a really nice mix of stretching and strength exercises and they were a perfect addition to my daily surf! Lucile is an experienced & professional teacher and she takes care to ensure all students are practicing correctly, as well as having fun!   



 Yoga has been in my life for many years but it's the discoveries I have made when I delved deeper into the history and philosophy of my practice,  that spurred me 

to become a teacher.

I'm a certified Vinyasa Flow, SUP and Pre-Post Natal yoga instructor and the foundation of my practice combines the physical with an inner emotional and spiritual journey by integrating body, breath, movement, and meditative awareness.

My sequences are creative flows that I design 

depending on the levels of the students.